We are also making available a series of brand new catalogue wagons using stocks of original wagon bodies produced when the Company was at Basildon - pre 1992 - only available whilst stocks remain.    These new wagons are finished on full die-cast stove enamel painted chassis with new style wheels and are presented in full artwork Wrenn boxes with white card inserts. The wagons are issued with Certificates of Authenticity and the boxes are stamped with the original catalogue identity box-end stamps.  The wagons are shown below in the order in which they have been introduced with the original wagons at the bottom and the newest introduction at the top. We have also introduced some BRAND NEW catalogue wagons following on from the original series of Wrenn Catalogue numbers  starting at W5114.  To see details of EVERYTHING that the Company has made since 2001 and is now no longer available - click here to go to the DIRECTORY. Please note:  We are a small company running as a "cottage industry” producing collectable items.  We are using mainly original Wrenn parts, spares and bodies that are many years old and have been in storage for a considerable time. In view of this, the finish on items can vary, and there may be minor blemishes.  They are all hand made and hand finished, so please do not expect a factory-finished production line uniform look. We do operate a grading process and some items will be sold as "not quite perfect".  Please also note:  Hornby Dublo collectors can, by request, have brand new Hornby Dublo couplings fitted from new - or, one each of the Hornby Dublo and Wrenn couplings. These wagons can also be fitted with plastic wheels on metal pinpoint axles to enable them to run on 2 and 3 rail layouts. The option for alternative couplings is available at cost. Please advise when ordering.  IN ADDITION -  *The Hopper wagons are available with coal loads fitted at an additional cost of £2 - shown in brackets*            

For purchases of all items please make your cheques payable to G. & R. Wrenn Ltd. and send to No. 50 Springwood, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN7 6AZ  OR  Payment can also be made by credit card via PAYPAL, but - to use this service there will be a handling charge of 4%.  Please advise when ordering if you would like to use Paypal.  Postage & packing £4.25 each, for multiple purchases please email sales@gandr-wrenn.co.uk for a combined postage quote.  Wrenn Collectors Club Members can claim FREE postage (2nd Class) on all wagons below


W4320    'ESKIMO'  Refrigerator Van  £30               Eskimo4.jpg (101555 bytes)

W5052B    'YOUNGS' Refrigerator Van red ends black roof   £36        W5052BWEB.jpg (85655 bytes)  

W5072  'BLUE CIRCLE' Cement Wagon  £45         W5072Web.jpg (267149 bytes)   SOLD OUT

W4630    B.R. Brown Cattle Wagon  £38                 W4630.jpg (75639 bytes)  awaiting more finished stock

W5005  'TUNNEL' Cement Wagon (Tampo)  £45     W5005.jpg (74950 bytes)    SOLD OUT

W5117    B.R. Dark Grey Hopper with load  £42      w5117.jpg (59924 bytes)

W5116    B.R. Light Grey Hopper with load  £42      W5116.jpg (51407 bytes)

W5115    B.R. Brown Hopper with load  £46            W5115.jpg (70961 bytes) OUT OF STOCK

W5061    'Shell/B.P.' Motor Spirit tanker  £45           W5061.jpg (81968 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5099A   B.R. Grey Guards Van  L.W.B.   £50       w5099A.jpg (85828 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5098L    'British Steel' Hopper with Load    £50     BritishSteel.jpg (60930 bytes)   SOLD OUT

W5090    B.R. Ex-L.M.S. Guards Van      £45          W5090.jpg (50964 bytes)   SOLD OUT

W5088L   'British Gas' Hopper with Load     £48      BritishGas.jpg (60777 bytes)

W5063A  'TROPICAL FRUIT' Banana Van black roof £34 W5063A.jpg (36912 bytes)

W4640    Rust Oxide Steel Wagon with load  £32    w4640.jpg (68755 bytes)

W5077    'UNITED MOLASSES' tanker   £45           Molasses.jpg (39170 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W4658X    British Rail PRESTWIN           £35         Prestwin.jpg (40295 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5052A  'YOUNGS' Refrigerator Van with light grey roof      £30  Youngs.jpg (39766 bytes)  (without tension wires)     

W5114    'Eskimo' L.W.B. Fruit Van    £45               eskimo.jpg (21224 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5069    'British Soda' with Black Load   £30            W5069black.JPG (20410 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5010    Robertsons Ventilated Van  £30               w5010M.jpg (25092 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5040    Shell 4 Wheel Tanker    £45                     W5040M.jpg (23924 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5041    Mobil 4 Wheel Tanker   £40                     w5041.jpg (72840 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5035L   N.C.B. Hopper with load    £38               NCBL.jpg (65313 bytes)  SOLD OUT

W5056L   Tarmac Hopper with load  £38                TarmacLB.jpg (63630 bytes)  Only two remaining

W5036L   Hoveringham Hopper with load £38           HoveringhamLB.jpg (65917 bytes)   SOLD OUT

W4635    Higgs 5 Plank Coal Wagon     £28           w4635.jpg (72668 bytes)

W4655    Mineral Wagon in B.R. Grey    £28              DSC_0004.JPG (60712 bytes)

W5030    Red 'L.M.S.' Ventilated Van     £28          w5030.jpg (71566 bytes)

W5063    'Tropical Fruit' Banana Van    £30             w5063.jpg (75660 bytes)



Since their introduction in 2003, the following wagons have now  SOLD OUT:

W5016     'BLUE CIRCLE' Cement Wagon (tampo)    SOLD OUT

W5030A  'L.M.S.' Ventilated Van  white roof   SOLD OUT

W5031A  'N.E.' Guards Van S.W.B.    SOLD OUT

W5033    Brown 'S.R.' Ventilated Van   SOLD OUT

W5033A  'S.R.' Vent. Van white roof     SOLD OUT 

W5051    'SHELL' Mineral wagon with grey load    SOLD OUT  

W5052    YOUNGS Refrigerator Van Dark Roof     SOLD OUT     (15)

W5060    1 Plank Wagon    SOLD OUT    (10)

W5068  'CHARRINGTONS' Hopper        SOLD OUT

W5069    BRITISH SODA - White Load and Grey Load  SOLD OUT    (24)

W5073    B.A.C. Mineral Wagon              SOLD OUT    (16)

W5079L    'N.E.' Hopper with Load         SOLD OUT   

W5082    'SYKES' Hopper with Load     SOLD OUT

W5107    Consolidated Fish 5 Plank      SOLD OUT    (40)

Numbers of each wagon sold indicated within brackets

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